About Ramon Nastase

I develop with passion an IT community with the mission of educating people in order for them to achieve their maximum potential in their carrer.

about me

Hi there ! I’m Ramon

I started networking in high school, more precisely in the 10th grade, when I enrolled in the Cisco CCNA course. I did the course in a slower form (1 module / semester) and finished it in the 12th grade, when I decided to learn for certification.

After an intense training period (2 months, at the age of 18), I was able to pass the exam and decided it was time for an even greater challenge: CCNA Security.

This time I wanted to do everything by myself, without the help of an academy / instructor to prepare me. For this exam I studied 3 months and I managed to pass the certification in March 2013.

In May 2013, I won the National “Computer Networking” Contest, AcadNet. Following this competition I was admitted as an Olympian at the Computer Science Faculty, Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania.

Meanwhile, I’ve come to write about IT and create tutorials (Networking, Linux, Programming, Security) on YouTube.

I'm an ambitious, hard working (80 - 100 hours/week) person that loves what he does.

I am Cisco (CCNP R&S, CCNA Security & Voice) and Linux (LPIC-1) certified.

I love to teach online and offline courses to my students.

Years of IT


Books written

Hours of Teaching

my passion

I’m passionate about

Computer Networking

With this IT area I started. I liked the fact that I could connect the world and easy, easy to form my own Internet. So I have developed a passion for learning (and teaching) for this area.


Linux & Servers

For a long time, I’ve been asking my servers. “What is a Server? What does it look like and how it works?” Finally, I learned and of course that I made my own Servers (in Linux).

Cyber Security & Hacking

Hacking … I always called this term well. Maybe because it’s a “fashionable” term, but I always knew I needed to know a lot to truly consider myself a hacker. That motivated me.


A trend in continuous growth and expansion. I was surprised the first time I gave it because I could do a computer to do what I said. That surprised me and made me curious.

Are you ready to start learning and become better ?

Over the last 2 years I had the opportunity to write books, create tutorials in order to help you get better at your job. All of these have the purpose to prepare you for a better job and a prosperous & successful career.

In order to achieve that I decided to give you for FREE 2 of my books. Click the Button and get them!